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GreenNet VPN Proxy

GreenNet VPN masks your IP address and encrypts your internet traffic. It helps unblock sites and apps on your phone so that you can access any restricted contact Safety and anonymously. GreenNet is based in Europe (Estonia) and we are fully compliant with GDPR laws. Thus, user data or logs have never been and won’t be collected by us.

Use GreenNet to Protect Your Privacy

High-Quality Servers

GreenNet Network utilizes the best data centers in the world for maximum speed and safety, minimum delay and piracy free.

Malware Blocker

GreenNet uses Exclusive DNS to prevent and block ads, malware and spam and ensure your browsing history is never leaked.

No-Log Policy

GreenNet's no-log policy guarantees that an organization cannot collect or track any personal information or activity data from their users.

More Than 50+ Locations Are 


We have more than 50 Global locations and 1000 servers in popular regions.

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All the data

An all-in-one VPN for your devices 

GreenNet VPN encrypts all your traffic and will work with all internet-based services. In summary, GreenNet will provide you with more online freedom, privacy, and security. Also, your activities can no longer be tracked on the Internet.

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Privacy Protection: Safeguard Your Personal Information

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No-Log Policy

No-Log Policy: Protect Your Privacy

A No-Log Policy means that no records are kept of your online activities, ensuring that your personal information remains private and secure. This policy ensures that your data is never stored, monitored, or shared with any third-party entities. By choosing GreenNet VPN, you can feel confident knowing that your online activities, such as browsing history, online searches, and more, are not being tracked or recorded. This means that your privacy is protected and you can use the internet with peace of mind.

How can I download and use GreenNet?

Step 1

Download GreenNet through Google Play or App Store.

Step 2

Select the location you want

Step 3

Tap to connect, and that's it.

Frequently Asked Questions

We got you covered, check those faqs if it is not there just ask us.

Yes, GreenNet VPN App is a VPN with unlimited bandwidth. If you don't need to choose a specific location or a faster connection, you can always use the app for free.

You can use the Contact us form through the website or contact us via email. Also, users who have a premium subscription can use premium support through the app.

You can download and install the latest version from Google Play or the App store. We inform you when we release a new version of our application.

GreenNet app does not save or keep any information from users. It just uses advertising ID to show ads.

What our users say !

GreenNet has more than 400,000 five stars on Google Play Store and App Store. That’s Awesome

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